How #Ford improved #customer service with #social media

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Ford is using social media to improve its customer service.  I read this great article by Forbes on why and how Ford is leveraging social platforms for proactive engagement with their customers. Here is the article summarized:

So why have they gone social….and how are they doing it?

  • Its more Proactive – real time response allows any negative posts to be addressed instantly.  Ford is aiming to reduce its global response time to under 4 hours.
  • A customized search engine tool based on keywords allows Ford to pick up on and monitor concerns, questions and comments across all social platforms.  Each issue is then assigned to a dedicated agent until resolved.
  • Responding to comments makes takes the interaction from the public realm to the personalized realm
  • Digital is King – while customers have the option to switch to phone communication, most prefer to engage digitally. 
  • Other customers are stepping in with advice.  The Ford brand can rely on its happy customers to diffuse situations online

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