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I just read this really interesting blog post on how to adopt a Web Analytics 2.0 framework.  

Traditionally web analytics can reveal how many people visited your website, how much time they spent on your website, which keywords they used to visit your website, which pages were viewed etc  – However analytics is becoming far more informative.

Web Analytics 2.0 can influence sales and business outcomes.  It allows your business to understand not just what is happening on your website, but why it is happening.  You can understand exactly why your prospects are not buying directly from your site for example. Web Analytics 2.0 can also provide competitor analysis to make sure you are not missing opportunities. By understand the why, you can determine the actions needed to achieve the desired outcome.

So where do brands go wrong?

Brands fall into the trap of just trying to increase traffic with content marketing. More traffic means more sales. But it also means more spend. Conversion rate optimization is all about improving the sales and conversions of a website without increasing the ad spend or traffic (at least considerably), to get the most out of present traffic. Yet this is often overlooked and subsequently our energies go into acquiring more traffic through keyword research, content marketing and social media.

The blog suggested running conversion driven campaigns instead of traffic driven campaigns.  Otherwise your costs per acquisition is sky high.

The blog concludes by arguing: The single most missing critical piece in today's web analytics is ‘answering why'.

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