How #predictiveanalytics transforms #BigData into actionable insight

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Does predictive analytics have a place in your data strategy? There is debate surrounding the benefits to Predictive Analytics, how can you apply it to your ‘next generation' data strategy and really add value?  One of the benefits is that results are delivered to where they can make a direct impact on outcomes and business performance straight away.  Do you need to generate organisational buy-in to make Analytics the front and center of business strategy and drive decision making using Analytics?  Arup Mukhopadhyay, Head of Consumer Banking, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank gave some insights into how ADCB structure their data architecture below.

The ADCB Approach – The Architecture

Source Data

  • IT managed
  • Heterogeneous Sources – Customer, Products, Transactions, Channel etc.
  • Rigid partitioned universe of data

Data Experts

  • Direct source data access along with independent data storage
  • BIU Managed ETL process – Only relevant ‘Data Packs' downloaded
  • Flexible storage

Domain Insight

  • Domain experts evaluate and enhance domain information
  • Inject semantic richness – tactical variables derived
  • Returns valuable feedback to the data expert layer to enhance data packs

Customer Insight

  • Inject analytical information – Predictive Analytics & Customer Segmentation
  • Behavior & Value Analysis
  • Returns valuable feedback to the domain experts to enhance domain information

Customer Experience

  • Single integrated enhanced view of customer
  • CRM System – Campaign Management, Customer 360 Views
  • Frontline empowerment through real time process support

To Find out more, download the full presentation: Predictive Analytics: does it still have a place in your data strategy?

So see Arup in action at Loyalty World 2011 follow to this blog post and watch the video: Arup Mukhopadhyay, Head of Consumer Banking, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank