How brands are winning at Loyalty World

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Some of the top brands, including Zappos, Tesco and The North Face joined us at Loyalty World 2011 and gave their feedback on what value they took away from the conference. Watch their full videos to see what they had to say.  They also shared with us their secrets to true customer loyalty and their feedback on the key trends changing the customer loyalty landscape. 


Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco

"I am struck by the developments now taking place in the loyalty industry using data, new technology and social networks. Also with how broad the discussion is becoming across all industry sectors and organisations and now in the delivery of public services as well. That's a new development."

Watch the video here


Patrice Christensen, The North Face

"It's interesting to see the perspective of what other companies and brands are doing globally. Just to see how we could extend some of the things that we are piloting in the US and understand how other markets are doing it, has been really helpful."

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Jenn Lim, Zappos

" Inspiration is something coming from within. If you can inspire your customer service representatives about your higher purpose and about why you're doing things, I think that is where the inspiration comes in, in doing a better job."

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