How to #tweet to create brand communities

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Tweets can allow brands to create social communities. Inbound marketing is about letting business come to you.  Consumers have tired of receiving sales messages – they would rather search and find the information themselves.  By creating useful content, brands can better interact with their consumers, develop relationships and drive traffic to their website.

Inbound marketing tools consist of blogging, content publishing, SEO and social media.  Of these tools, Twitter has emerged as one of the most powerful inbound resources.

Twitter is a micro-blogging service with character limitation – meaning messages are short and concise.

Handle, follow, tweets, hashtags and retweets – the twitter vocabulary which translates to content, community, engagement and SEO.

Businesses can make use of twitter to create engaged communities, promote their brand, speak to customers, monitor brand sentiment, create buzz, distribute content and social PR. 

Marketing executives can drive people to their company's website by tweeting and sharing resources with their virtual community.  Twitter is also useful for getting uninhibited feedback on a brand's offering and service.  The Tweet-up feature is also great for promoting events.

Customer service teams can also benefit from Twitter by having real-time access to customers and their enquiries or complaints.  Being able to identify and respond in real-time through twitter gives brands a more personalized and proactive relationship with their customers.

So what should brands be tweeting about?

Before trying to get a following on twitter, brands need to first tweet interesting content.  Tweets can be about what you're thinking, what you're reading, what you're watching and where you are.  These tweets are designed to share valuable information or "retweet" content which is interesting and taps into a target audience.  The better and more engaging your tweets, the more followers you will attract. 

Following and followers

Building your network is the most challenging and time-consuming task associated with Twitter.  When you follow someone, you will receive their updates on your twitter stream.  It allows you to see their community, their network and their posts.   Applications like Twitter Search enable you to identify those tweeting about specific content, or indeed your company.  Hashtags are a useful tool for finding the right people to follow to build your network. Go easy on the number of people you follow – ideally you want more people to be following you! To get people following you, you need to ensure your profile is fully set up so you can have 2 way conversations and thus establish social relationships.


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