Data analytics cited as the greatest challenge in delivering a multi-channel campaign

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data analytics, multi-channel campaign


Data analytics was cited as the biggest challenge facing Middle East brands in delivering a multi-channel campaign.

Channel proliferation has meant that brands need to maintain a visual connection across digital, social and offline channels to execute a consistent and impactful campaign.  These channels are steadily generating more and more customer data.  And this data is not limited to customer purchases – now brands can analyze sentiment, opinions and preferences.

I just read this interesting article by BBC on unlocking the information goldmineIt states that 90% of all information ever created was produced in the last two years alone.  Understanding and analyzing data, particularly on this scale, is proving to be the regions biggest hurdle in improving their marketing and sales processes.  Data, when applied to inform business processes, can optimize operations from sales to marketing to customer experience. 

Linking up all channels came a close second to data analytics in our survey.  The issue here is consistency.  Different customers want to engage with the brand through different channels.  Brands need to have consistent messages and level of service across all channels, particularly as self-service and social start dominating channel preferences.

The least pressing challenge cited was integrating IT and marketing functions – suggesting this is underway already in the region.  The Middle East has witnessed a rise in businesses adopting mobile apps and social media, indicating IT has firmly found its footing in marketing.

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