Demonstrating ROI is the biggest inhibitor to #socialmedia growth for MENA businesses

In Marketing and Sales, Social media by Lauren Meany


Demonstrating ROI was cited as the biggest inhibitor to implementing social media in our recent survey of Middle East brands.  While 75.6% of respondents argued that leveraging social media was a priority for their business, it seems getting the board on board with a compelling business case is the biggest sticking point for social marketers.

Mining social data and integrating social with other channels were also cited as key challenges in institutionalizing social media.

I invited survey respondents to comment on the poll.  One respondent from the hospitality industry argued the biggest challenge of social media is running an active campaign with valuable rewards.  It is widely recognized that customers join brand Facebook pages and LinkedIn groups, as well as following them on Twitter, in order to receive promotions – promotions which are exclusive to the social customer.

Social media is changing the way brands communicate with their customers – investment in social will be essential for survival.

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