The #big #data era is here

In Data & Analytics, Marketing and Sales, Technology by melissa

big dataEnormous amounts of data are being produced everywhere. An article by The Australian suggests that Big data is with a doubt part of our future. Today, we have the opportunity to store, access, and manipulate data to gain new insights and innovate the way we do things.

Previously, the capability to process such large amounts of data was reserved to large corporations and government. But today, almost any business can rent out cloud-based servers for their data management needs.

With this new found opportunity for all businesses, the question now is, how do we make use of all this data?

This upsurge in big data has uncovered a skill shortage. Big data requires experts with a new set of technology and data analyst skills.

Big data is inevitably part of our future and so businesses will need to start building the right capabilities to deal with it.

Big Data World Australasia is one place you can start this learning and development. At this event, you will gain knowledge in areas like data acquisition, data interpretation, storage and security, and analysing social data.

Big Data World Australasia will be held on 27-28 November 2012 in Melbourne, Australia.

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