#BigData and Business.

In Data & Analytics, Loyalty & CRM, Marketing and Sales, Social media, Technology by Brook

Social media is generating a lot of big data, more and more people are using the internet to post photos and blog about their lives online. Smartphones are also generating a lot of big data, big datawhich can provide useful information on customer demographics.

Companies are collecting and analysing big data to make better business decisions and to  improve their product offerings. This is an exciting development for business strategy and management and is something I will post more about in the future!

Here is an interesting article "How to Implement Next-Generation Storage Infrastructure for Big Data" by Thor Olavsrud, at ComputerWorld. It discusses  how Shutterfly handles its big data.

The Big Data Australasia 2012 event (Melbourne, 27-28th November at the Atlantic Group V), will further explore the implications of big data in business. For more information click here.