The makings of #customer #loyalty

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customer service loyaltyCustomer service is still the key ingredient to customer loyalty for service providers. Excellent customer service is cooked up using three key ingredients: Awareness, Empathy, and Honesty. (Read the full article by The National here.)

Awareness – great service providers continually develop their expertise in their industry. They keep up with the latest trends and changes in the marketplace. And they do not avoid their customers problems – they care about them and take remedial action.

Empathy – great service providers put themselves in the shoes of their customers. They really make the effort to understand their customer and the experience they get from them. In this way, service providers can ensure they deliver the service in a way most suited to the given customer.

Honesty – Successful service providers provide their customers with transparency. They don't just admit what they are good at but also their mistakes and limitations. This helps to manage a customer's expectation and build a relationship of trust and respect for the service provider.

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