Using self service to improve #customer satisfaction

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self serviceSelf service is utilised in many ebusinesses today and its definitely a system you should consider implementing if you haven't already! (For the full article, click here.)

Self service gives customers 24/7 access to real-time information. They can check product availability, prices, their product orders, status and delivery times, to name a few. On top of this, its key that your self service system incorporates an online support function where customers can report problems when they need help. This could be through online forms, forums, social media channels, etc. But, this should supplement traditional channels like phone calls and emails.

The experience a customer has with your self-service system in turn impacts their overall satisfaction with your business.

Furthermore, self service can help you reduce support costs as customers can readily get the info they need on their own. But where they can't, your ebusiness platform should be able to provide your staff with visibility across all customer activity to ensure customer problems are resolved in a timely manner.Timeliness is an important factor to consider in self service. Customers expect self service to be fast and efficient.

Customers also expect your systems online and offline to be integrated and work seamlessly together. Have your staff be in the shoes of the customers they serve? You should consider trying out your service today for yourself. Are you satisfied with your own self service?

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