5 ways to reach Brazil’s middle class

In Loyalty & CRM, Marketing and Sales by Simon Crompton-Reid

5 ways to reach Brazil's middle class Brazil's emerging middle class (classe C), for quite some time, have been getting particular attention from marketers and advertisers. This makes sense: the most recent numbers indicate that more than 105 million people in Brazil—55% of the population—are class C. In June 2011 the Fundação Getúlio Vargas, reported that between May 2010 and May 2011, 3.6 million Brazilians had moved from classes D and E to Class C, making it the fastest-growing socioeconomic class. According to research firm Data Popular, by 2014 58% of Brazilians will be class C.

As class C has surged, it's been studied, especially when it comes to media use. Below are 5 ways for marketers, advertisers and media professionals to reach class C.

1. Go Digital
For years, the perception was that class C was not online, that they couldn't afford Internet service or weren't tech-savvy enough. Wrong. According to research firm e-bit reported in 2011 that 52% of Brazilian online consumers were from class C. Looking forward, by 2015 class C will be responsible for a level of consumption that will be equivalent to classes A and B combined.

2. Use the Power of Print
In stark contrast to the United States and Europe, print media are very strong in Brazil. Newspapers gained 3.5% in circulation in 2011 and were the #2 medium in ad spend. Magazines broke records in revenues in 2011 while gaining 5% in circulation.

3. Put Pay TV into the Plan
According to the head of the Associação Brasileira de TV por Assinatura (Brazilian Pay TV Association), 30% of pay TV's subscriber base are from class C. Around 13 million households in Brazil have pay TV, which translates to around 39 million people.

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