Has mobile finally overtaken PC for eC?

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mobile commerce

For years, mobile has been the talk of the town. We all know that its importance is and has been growing – especially with the onslaught of new devices (hello, iPad!) that provide the continuity and ease of always being on and always accessible. In Q4 of 2011, iPads officially outsold any single PC manufacturer that quarter.

And technological innovations ranging from 4G internet speeds to larger screens and lighter-weight devices will further the proliferation of mobile commerce. Some would argue that smart phones and tablets are on the cusp of replacing PCs altogether; and, by extension, that m-commerce will soon usurp traditional e-commerce. And with one in every four online users (a number that's slated to grow rapidly) accessing the internet from mobile devices exclusively, it's not hard to believe.

With more people accepting the inevitability (and ubiquity) of mobile than ever before, the question that begs contemplation is not "will it?" but now "when will it?"

A great debate has ensued, with some speculating that mobile and tablets will replace PCs in their entirety – and others rebutting that the depth of commerce solutions available on PCs will never fully go out of vogue.

So, dear reader, how do you weigh in?

Will PCs eventually be rendered obsolete?

Will they experience a retraction, but stick around nonetheless?

What lies ahead in the scope of commerce?

Share your thoughts below!