Opportunities in #bigdata

In Data & Analytics, Loyalty & CRM, Technology, The Mobile Customer by melissa

big dataThe amount of data created is exponentially increasing everyday. Data can generate value and problems  in various ways:

1. Data is captured across every industry and business function. The depth of data provides businesses with valuable information.

2. Data is more detailed and accurate. As such, result variability and problem areas become more transparent so businesses can make more informed decisions, take the right action faster and boost performance.

3. Big data allows ever narrower segmentation of customers and hence organisations can provide more tailored products and services.

4. Businesses can leverage off big data to drive strategic direction and innovation.

5. There is a shortage of people specialised to deal with big data. Organisations will need to invest in talent and technology to make the most of the big data world.

6. Issues like privacy, security, and intellectual property will need to be addressed, even the issue of liability.

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