#Big Data and Cloud Computing

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It is interesting to read about all the breaking news  surrounding  big data and cloud computing,  and to think about the convergence between the two and what it means for business.

Big data is growing,  with increasing amounts of data being generated daily from: social media , online videos, sensors, to emails. Companies are storing more of this data and are using analytics, to improve business decision making.

Cloud computing allows companies to store  data over the internet in a centralised datacenter, and it also allows companies to have their software delivered via the internet. The cloud can enable employees to share information more easily in real-time, and as the cost of cloud computing comes down with increasing competition, it is easier to collect and store more data!

Google recently announced the launch of ‘BigQuery', which is the best example of this convergence between big data and the cloud that I can think of Here is a link to the announcement in Computer World

It is  interesting to think about  how cloud computing and big data are changing business processes, and how leaders are now focusing on data informed decision making which will

be discussed at the Big Data World Australasia 2012 conference at Atlantic Group V,November  27th-28th,  in Melbourne, Australia  Click here for a link to the conference.