Building customer loyalty programs

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Building customer loyalty programs

What are the current trends in customer loyalty programs? How can you increase loyalty and retention? these are very important questions that lots of companies are now asking.

Read this 7 step presentation on how one needs to go about building a customer loyalty program (primarily in the organized retail industry)

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Here are my Ten Key Principles for Building Customer Loyalty Programs

  1. Foster consumer engagement
  2. Establish a two-way value proposition
  3. Capitalize on customer data
  4. Properly segment your loyalty program tiers
  5. Develop strategic partnerships
  6. Develop dynamic tiers
  7. Cater to customers' desires for choice and fairness
  8. Avoid commoditization through differentiation
  9. Avoid the price sensitivity trap
  10. Embrace new technologies

No matter what the economy is doing, the quest for loyalty offers bottom-line rewards for those who prevail. As unique as your customers are, so will be your challenges and successes as you build and refine your program along the way. The pursuit for customer insight shouldn’t be taken lightly or without long-term dedication.

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