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Creating and distributing share-worthy content has proven to be a successful strategy for engaging customers and driving website traffic growth. Information has become a currency. It is valued, traded and consumed, with digital channels widening its reach.  Consumer appetite for information shows no sign of slowing with Google boasting 10,000 searches per second.

Perhaps more interesting, is the growth in sharing information rather than simply the search and consumption of it.  There are 700 status updates on Facebook per second, with Twitter similarly generating 600 tweets per second. (Search Engine LandSocial networks have enabled consumers to share, comment, "like", follow and "retweet".  These social actions translate to viral endorsement and recommendation of the author, the content and ultimately the brand. 

But it all starts with content.  Your target audience is not going to share what they don't value or find interesting.  Mashable, arguably one of the world's most successful blogs for ICT and Social media experts, has attributed its success to making a conscious decision to teach users and share top tips on how to use new platforms and applications. (PostDesk)

I recently borrowed this strategy from Mashable and applied it to my own content creation whilst writing whitepapers on digitizing brand experience and socializing businesses.  Within just one day of distributing more "how to" – led content, there was an incredible spike in consumers downloading information and even contacting me directly to express their gratitude for useful and practical information.

It is worth taking a moment to think about why people don't share your posts or content.  Hubspot's Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella, has argued that there is a science to sharing – Being a trusted resource that creates unique and genuinely interesting content for your target audience is key in promoting sharing.  (Social Media Examiner)

Here are my 5 Top Tips on getting your content shared:

  1. Educate – Give your target audience a reason to consume your content.  Most people turn to Google in search of answers.  Let them find you and learn from you by providing top tips and "how to" content which is share-worthy.
  2. Become an Authority – The Economist Intelligence Unit has discovered that the sheer volume of information available means that reputation and credibility of the source is the number one motivating factor in consuming and participating in online content. Trust is not free and needs to be earned.  Therefore earn trust by providing valuable, practical and interesting content that addresses your target audiences' needs and opportunities.
  3. Localize – What works in Europe is not necessarily a blueprint for the Middle East.  If you want a response from your regional market, you need to appeal to them with relevant and engaging content that acknowledges regional market conditions and consumer behaviour.
  4. Socialize – Don't make your content a monologue.  Content marketing is about creating conversation with online consumers, encouraging them to take social action.  Invite sharing, commenting and ratings.
  5. Distribute – Make sure your channels match the preferences of your target audience.  Tapping into local social networks is key to getting noticed! (Find out how Nike has Gone global while thinking local)


Do you think brands need to get better at creating share-worthy content?  Who do you think is leading the pack? 

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