The #bigdata talent gap

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big dataBig data is quickly becoming very important reveals a recent article by The Australian. It's a trending across Europe, UK, the US, and Australia. Big data is about managing massive amounts of data in real time in order to uncover valuable business intelligence and opportunities.

But, realising the value from big data is becoming a problem, especially given the skill shortage in this area of expertise. Big data requires one to be an expert in statistics, IT, databases, and statistical analysis. The job description can be liken to a cross between a database architect and administrator.

The demand for big data scientists will grow, albeit rapidly, and supply will not met demand at this rate. As such, people who have big data experience could command a base salary of $120,000 – $140,000.

Universities in the US are working towards including big data into their curriculum. As for Australia, there are no formal courses in big data yet, says Jane Hunter, eResearch Lab Director at University of Queensland School of IT and Electrical Engineering.

Overall, there is clear interest in big data in Australia. Businesses will want to start thinking about equipping themselves with the right capabilities to deal with it!

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