Capitalising on ‘mocial’ to stay connected with your fans 24/7

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Capitalising on ‘mocial' to stay connected with your fans 24/7

Definition of Mocial

[MObile SoCIAL Networking]

1.  to use a social networking engine (like Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Twitter) through any mobile device (like an Android smartphone, iPhone/iPad, or any other handheld tablet-like or phone-like device).

2. to seek companionship with or check on others while “on the run.”

3. to use a mobile device app designed to search for items that connect you with people, businesses, or special events (like through Groupon and LivingSocial)

4. to participate in online gaming (like any of the games on Zynga) through a mobile connection (best enjoyed when competing with others in realtime!)

Staying Connected with Customers 24/7

The explosive growth of smartphones and tablets in recent years is accelerating, and is creating demand for all kinds of mobile applications. As of this writing the Apple App Store, the world's largest app marketplace, boasts over 500,000 iOS applications for iPhone and iPad.

Mobile access matters

The new generation of high net worth customers increasingly expects information delivered on demand wherever they are, whenever they want it.  These customers are already taking advantage of a wide variety of mobile applications.

If you want to find out how to capitalise on ‘mocial' to stay connected with your fans 24/7Martin read this presentation by Kubler, Founder, iConsultHotels

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