How Nike digitized the #brand experience

In Customer Experience, Marketing and Sales, Social media by Lauren Meany

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Most brands have established a footing in social media – designing a  Facebook page, tweeting brand updates or creating a LinkedIn community.  Few, however have managed to inject engagement and interactivity across this platform.  With customers now possessing the same broadcasting tools as brands, marketing needs to be anchored in brand participation, customer dialogue and share-worthy content.

While there is the attempt to digitize brands, most have forgotten to digitize the consumer experience around it.

Nike however, has recognized that marketing needs to be focused on conversation and participation – which is why it remains one the world's most recognized brands.

So what did Nike do?

Racing past its competitors, Nike has socialized and localized sport. Boasting a brand community of over 5 million members, Nike has kept its fans engaged by introducing the Nike+ GPS app and Sportwatch app. These digital tools gave community members access to local route data, maps, recommendations and support from Facebook friends. Nike's products were thus promoted by digitizing the running experience, abandoning traditional sales messages for a more interactive, engaging and content-led campaign.

Nike's Global Digital Brand and Innovation Director, Jesse Stollak, revealed the brand's strategy is to connect with the customer wherever they are. (Mashable)Nike has managed to digitize the brand experience through its dedication to location-based campaigns; tapping into local social networks within a global brand campaign. In 2010 Nike Grid was launched, revolutionizing the running experience with augmented reality. The city of London was transformed into a digital network of routes and checkpoints to re-energize the running experience. This cocktail of local, social, digital, community and real-world sport, has fuelled sharing, interaction and engagement amongst Nike brand fans.

Image source: Coloribus