#Cloud + Big Data = #BigData Apps

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cloud big dataBig data, cloud and mobile was voted the most disruptive technologies of 2013 according to the results of a recent survey by Constellation Research on 105 innovative CIOs.

Another idea taking shape is big data apps or ‘BDA' as the cool kids might say.

So what are BDA's?

Well, according to Raj De Datta, CEO and co-founder of Bloom Reach, "BDAs are web-based applications that interpret and use massive amounts of enterprise and web-scale data to deliver more intelligent results for their subscribers," De Datta writes. "BDAs leverage the best of the cloud; they're web-hosted, multi-tenant and use Hadoop, noSQL and a range of recommendation and machine learning technologies."

LinkedIn is a good example of a BDA for the recruitment software market. Salesforce is also on the move in this direction.

De Datta sees BDAs as a natural extension to the SaaS model.

"While both sell into enterprises, BDAs deliver much more value per dollar spent, because each acquired customer adds data to the engine, which in turn improves the service for all its customers," he writes.

Whether BDAs gain more popularity is not yet certain. But what is known is that BDAs harness the power of both big data and cloud computing.

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