The Big Q: what one strategy or process do you think businesses should put in place to improve customer loyalty?

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The Big Question: what one strategy or process do you think businesses should put in place to improve customer loyalty?

We asked three experts in customer loyalty what they think is the most important strategy or process a business should put in place to improve customer loyalty. Here are their answers – what do you think?

Pearson with book lrBryan Pearson, author of The Loyalty Leap and President & CEO of LoyaltyOne

"Companies need to make the Loyalty Leap by adopting the idea of Enterprise Loyalty. Enterprise Loyalty means committing a company's entire organization to the pursuit of data for the sole purpose of elevating the consumer experience in unexpected places, from the in-box to the aisle. The real value in the shift is actually bringing an emotional component into the thinking process behind how the company delivers on everything it does. It’s about adding a level of richness to how the company envisions its brand and its interactions with the consumer. Companies that use this approach are surpassing traditional loyalty-marketing programs or one-off campaigns. They are taking a more holistic approach to the way the entire organization responds to their customers."

hanifinBill Hanifin, Consulting Practice Leader, Aimia

“The cornerstone strategy element I would build around in 2012 is to leverage the customer data your brand has on hand and to supplement transaction data with interactions captured across our customer's social graph. Loyalty programs are uniquely structured to connect the dots between familiar behavioural data and online interactions to improve the understanding of customer preferences, and to decipher how purchase decisions are made. With this enhanced dataset, business can create loyalty strategy which engages customers across a relationship lifecycle and translate these learnings into a more powerful consumer value proposition, leading to an improved customer experience.”

swissotel OerlikonStephan Dupré, Director Loyalty Marketing, Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts

"One of today's most repeated words, when it comes to loyalty, is not "Loyalty". We hear "Trust", "Likeability", "Relationship" and even "Love". The relation between a brand and its customers has changed, and so should the strategies in service delivery. In hospitality, the most important touch point between the brand and the customer is the employee in the lobby, at the restaurant or behind the bar. All the glossy collateral and fancy websites cannot make or break a programme, but one wrong word from the colleague at reception desk can. Nothing is more disastrous than that two-letter word "no", or saying to a loyal member that he cannot redeem his hard earned points with us right now. We need to empower our colleagues to say "yes", or to offer alternatives without having to ask a superior, to deliver a service from the heart, simple, genuine and generous, and that supports our image of a trustworthy, likeable, and why not even lovable brand."