What’s in your ‘mom test’ for a loyalty scheme?

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When US loyalty company RewardMe recently did some publicity surrounding the company, Co-founder Jun Loayza said he applied the ‘mom test' to their idea. It was a test simply to find out whether busy mums would be able to simply participate in the scheme.

We asked Loayza what is test involved, and his answers are below. Obviously his criteria applies to his company, but what do you think should be included in a loyalty scheme ‘mom test'?

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Here is Jun Loayza's definition of a ‘mom test' – he says:

1.    Does it require a smartphone? My mom has no idea how to download a mobile app onto her phone, but she does have an Albertson’s club card and punches in her phone number every time she buys groceries
2.    Does it slow the line down? My mom wants to get in and out as fast as possible; in this case, there should be no forms to fill out in addition to no apps to download
3.    Is it self-explanatory? Can my mom look at it and understand what to do; in this case, our iPad screen tells my mom to enter her phone number – no need for the cashier to explain anything
4.    Is it trusted? My mom trusts Albertson’s because she shops there every week, but if she was required to join a 3rd-party rewards program, she would be very hesitant.
5.    Can my mom easily explain it to her friends? When my mom tells her friends what I do, she says that I create an Albertson’s club card for restaurants, without the need for the card.  Simple and easy to understand