Who is winning the #bigdata race?

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big data raceOpportunities in big data are very apparent. But who will actually benefit from it and who won't? Here are 3 winners and 3 losers for the big data race.


1. CIOs – can finally get their enterprise data under control. They will be able to justify the need for more budget (whereas they were usually prone to being targets of budget cuts).

2. End users – big data lets businesses understand their consumers in a more in-depth manner. Thus, service and products should become better matched to their consumers and consumer should get more satisfaction in getting what they want.

3. Cloud solution providers – businesses with need their services to manage big data.


1. Big database vendors – demand will shift towards vendors with big data solutions and cloud services.

2. Data warehouse/ BI specialists – those who have still been focused on traditional analytics technology will suffer, including hardware and software systems. These are becoming out dated and even seen as wasteful investments.

3. End Users – big data means a huge loss in privacy. Data is being collected everywhere, transactions from online shopping, shopping in supermarkets, re-fuelling your car, banking, social networking interactions, etc. Your personal details and every transaction and interaction is up for discovery and analysis.

You can find the original article "3 winners, 3 losers in the move to big data" by InfoWorld here.

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