Ben & Jerry’s, a British MP and a lesson in brand values

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The team behind Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream have shown the corporate world how it's done when it comes to demonstrating the values of your company.

This week the company sent a British MP, Lynne Featherstone, an ice cream tub branded especially for her as recognition of her work championing gay marriage. It was called Lynne Honeycomb and even had her photo on the front, although it didn't contain any ice cream. You can see a photo of it here.

jerry greenfield2

Ben & Jerry's has already partnered with gay rights organisation, Stonewall, to raise awareness of marriage equality and in the UK renamed its Apple Pie flavour, Apple-y Ever After as the government consulted on the issue. The company says social justice is one of its core values.

The MP was quoted in London's Evening Standard as saying: "In all my time in politics it is the thing that has made me smile most."

It shows that small gestures by big companies can make a big difference to how people feel about the brand and that brand values are important to consumers.

Jerry Greenfield is a key speaker at Loyalty World 2012.