42% of Americans use social media to shop

In Loyalty & CRM, Social media by Simon Crompton-Reid

42% of Americans use social media to shop A new study has found that 42% of Americans aged between 18 and 49 have used social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube to shop within the past year.

The data, from Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide, found that social media was used to research and compare items. The sites used included review sites and Twitter.

A statement from Leo Burnett in Direct Marketing News said:

"The study and the framework it yields show marketers what the shopping needs are in their category and therefore what social media will best help fulfill those needs," Jones said. What was surprising about the findings was "how varied are people’s shopping needs in different categories, and how poorly aligned to these needs are most marketing strategies," he said.

"E-commerce retailers can assess the different shopping needs in the various categories of goods they sell and leverage different forms of social media to drive traffic to those categories," said Jones.

Source: Direct Marketing News

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