5 top tips for lead nurturing

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Lead nurturing


Here's 5 top tips for lead nurturing! I've summarized and borrowed from 2 great articles which provide insight on how to generate sales-ready leads. 

First, a quick definition.  Hubspot has described lead nurturing as a process of building relationships with your leads and moving them down your sales funnel until they are ready to purchase.

And now some stats.  Forrester Research has argued that those companies which effectively nurture leads are able to secure 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per head. 

So how do you achieve this reduction in cost-per-lead?

1. Teach your leads – its about demonstrating thought leadership and getting permission to keep in contact with the prospect. 

2. Speak directly to the problem your lead is trying to solve.  Make sure your communication is specific and targeted to the prospects' previous engagement.

3. Keep it short and sweet – overloading the prospect with irrelevant information or secondary call-to-actions will dilute the effectiveness of your campaign.

4. Recognize progress and watch their "digital body language" – make sure you know where your prospects are in the buying cycle.  Only send sales messages to sales-ready leads.  Lead scoring systems can help determine exactly where your prospects sit in the sales funnel.

5. Measure your campaign – clicks, "unsubscribes" and downloads provide key metrics on engagement.  You may find that you need to re-evaluate your campaign by promoting new content, new subject lines or even the timing of your communication!

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