This startup will pay you to be a customer!

In Loyalty & CRM, Marketing and Sales by Simon Crompton-Reid recently launched and is offering actual real cash rewards for purchasing bundled products from their site. They are currently offering rewards if you purchase electricity and gas bundles through their new website from a range of suppliers. If you take a step further and promote the company through twitter or facebook you can earn even more cash simply by sharing their Bundl purchase and invite your friends to join you.

"We have created a single, easy to use destination for services we need everyday. You are free to choose from a range of suppliers, but we don't bombard you with information overload," said Jason Scott, Bundl co-founder and Head of Operations. "Bundl is bringing real value to consumers by offering great deals and topping it off with cash rewards."

So far it is only several electricity and gas retailers on board for the launch of Bundl, but mobile phone and internet plan bundles are apparently arriving soon. The site works because companies who join the site to promote their product or services are collectively saving huge amounts of money that would normally go into expensive marketing campaigns. Therefore with the money they have saved they can offer the customer a better deal.

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