Does customer loyalty really beat out price?

In Customer Experience, Loyalty & CRM by Simon Crompton-Reid

1358442_woman_shppingWhen a customer is presented with a choice in purchasing a product, will the cheaper price win out every time?

As retailers know, people are being even more dollar savvy when it comes to spending after the big GFC. With so many options and the emergence of endless online outlets, it is easier than ever to find the best price available.

However before I declare war on prices I still think there is something to say for experience. Why do customers purchase? Yes they may need a vacuum cleaner or a sweater, but it is also that purchasing experience that they long for. For example, I decided I needed another work jacket and last night I went online to Net-A-Porter. I easily navigated through the website and when I couldn't understand why the shipping price was changed, at 10pm in the evening someone answered the toll free number.

The website offers designer clothing and there are plenty of cheaper retailers to choose from, but I knew the experience was easy and enjoyable. Even when I did encounter a problem it was swiftly resolved. In a couple of days the package will arrive with a prepaid returning DHL bag already filled out with details. They even make returning a product easy and effortless. I can honestly say next time I need a new bag I will probably look there first.

The customer experience that is flawless and that is why I am loyal to Net-A-Porter. For me, good customer service will beat out price any time.