“Showrooming” becoming a real fear for retailers

In Loyalty & CRM by Simon Crompton-Reid

Mother and Daughter Selecting Necklace ca. 2002"Showrooming", the art of browsing through stores and maybe even trying on for the right size before going online and finding the cheapest place to purchase is now becoming a common practise with today's savvy shopper. Retailers are fighting back by offering extra incentives to those who purchase in store. Many businesses have released tiered level loyalty programs, where the more you spend the more benefits you will receive. No longer is the "VIP" 10% off standard loyalty card hitting the mark with consumers and businesses are getting more flexible and creative with their rewards. CBS Kelli Grant reported "Programs are trying to engage customers with fun perks. When Nordstrom revamped its reward program in January, all members got an annual credit of $100 or more for in-store tailoring, and members of Sports Authority’s new program can land access to sports tickets and signed memorabilia." The fight to win back shoppers to the shops is on and physical store retailers are going to give it a good fight by the looks of it.

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