Rugby may have the answer to customer loyalty

In Loyalty & CRM by Simon Crompton-Reid

MB900448327I was reading an article in the sports section of the SMH, very rare act for me, and it was about ruby Panther's star Michael Gordon who was leaving the club to sign with Cronulla. The article was focused on the question of loyalty, "Loyalty to Penrith could only go so far: Gordon" by Adrian Proszenko. Michael Gordon had apparently wanted to stay at one club for his career, devoting himself loyally to his club and team. However things obviously changed and Gordon decided to make the move and it made me think what it takes to make us give up our relationship with a team or a brand or even a business.  He made a statement "’When I thought about loyalty, last time I stayed loyal and took less than what I could have got." So is this what is comes down to? If we are offered a worse deal that we could get somewhere else are we happy to up and leave? What do you think?

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