Transactional messages- is your company really capitalising on this opportunity?

In Customer Experience, Loyalty & CRM by Simon Crompton-Reid

MB900430491There is a lot of emphasis on engaging with the customer pre-purchase, making sure that their buying experience is so good they will become loyal customers and come back for the experience again. However what some businesses aren't focusing on is the huge opportunity presented to them when customers actually do buy and transactional messages such as order confirmation, status update and delivery notes are sent. These message have a huge click and read rate as customers are enthusiastic to read these messages about their anticipated purchases. Kristen Hambelton, Vice President of Marketing Neolane Inc believes "there's no better time to market to customers than when they're actively engaged with a brand, transactional messages present a tremendous opportunity to marketers.  Using average order value, transactional message volume and conversion rate, experts estimate that embedding marketing offers into transactional messages can generate millions annually in incremental revenue for the average retailer." So it's quite simple engage with customers who are already engaged and you will tap into a huge opportunity for your business.

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