Bite size Big Data news

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Companies that are grasping how to store, analyse and use data in news ways are at the forefront of business innovation, and  invariably these companies are start-ups risking new business models. Delphix is a start-up that combines  big data and cloud computing. According to a article, Delphix just raised $25million in funding from Silicon Valley. This is one start-up which is growing up.

Meanwhile, a global survey by Avanade of 550 business leaders reports that  88% of business leaders say they are using big data to improve  business decision making, and 77% of Canadian companies have used data to increase revenue.

Benoit Bertrand, CTO and vice president at Avanade Canada said: "Companies are seeing actual potential in big data and realizing the business value derived from unlocking the insights it has to offer.” This is exciting news for business leaders globally.

Big Data World Australasia 2012 is an event being held in Melbourne, Australia. This event will  discuss big data and its implications for business strategy click here for a link to this event.