Jersey Mike’s has shown NFC is the future of Loyalty

In Data & Analytics, Loyalty & CRM, Technology by Simon Crompton-Reid

MB900021368Jersey Mike's subs in American have achieved more than 200,000 loyal customers signing up a loyalty program which utilises NFC technology. The retail outlet which has more than 600 outlets in the US, have reported that between 40-50% of customers are using the mobile member ID sticker when purchasing in order to identify themselves. This fast take up rate of the new technology is encouraging for other retailers to roll out similar programs. Nobody like to walk round with 50 loyalty cards in their pocket and many times consumers will not bother using them, meaning the retailer is missing out on some valuable data. “Jersey Mike’s is a 56-year-old company using the latest technology to reward our loyal customers,” says Rich Hope, the sandwich company’s chief marketing officer. “The Sub Club Rewards Program is getting rave reviews because it is a super convenient award system which allows our local store owners to connect directly with their best customers.”

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