Search giant takes on customer service as Google launches Trusted Stores

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Internet giant Google has launched its Trusted Stores programme, with an opt-in purchase protection of up to US$1,000 and a customer service team to help customers when things go wrong.

The new programme works by merchants applying to Google to get a code to add to their website. Through this code, Google monitors the service and shipping from the website for 28 days and if it's good enough, a Trusted Stores badge will begin to appear on their website.

Tom Fallows, Group Product Manager, Google Shopping said in a blog post: “This badge is only awarded to online stores that deliver a great overall experience, so even if you haven't shopped with this merchant before, you can easily tell if they are trustworthy, ship quickly and reliably, and offer exceptional customer service. If there's a problem with your purchase, we're here to help. When you buy from a Google Trusted Store, you can opt in to get up to $1,000 lifetime purchase protection per shopper. And our dedicated customer service team is there to work with you and the merchant to assist in resolving the issue."

Certainly the programme will go a long way to giving shoppers confidence to buy online. However, for most people it will be the first time they have access to someone from Google at the end of the phone to help solve a problem, and that's where customer service and relationship management comes into play.

Many commentators have said this move starts to pitch Google as a rival to Amazon, where third parties can also sell through its website.

What do you think – how far will Google's ability to provide excellent customer service impact on the success of the Trusted Stores programme?

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