How do you get to know your customers better? Here’s what Westpac does

In Data & Analytics, Marketing and Sales by Simon Crompton-Reid

MB900233080Westpac’s General Manager of Customer Relationship Management, Karen Ganschow, is leading a newly implemented program in called Know Me.

The program was designed to understand individuals and identify their banking needs and provide the data collected to the sales channels to target the right products for the right person. By better equipping themselves with current and accurate information on a certain individual's circumstances they can communicate with the customer in a more relevant and timely manner.

Ganschow said that if the programme works: “Customers say, ‘yes, that’s something I needed, yes, you’ve made it easy for me’, and they’ll reward you with their business.”

This type of engagement marketing is becoming more and more popular among businesses. Actually getting a customer involved in the marketing process is much more effective than releasing messages into the marketplace which are aimed at a huge target audience and praying it hits the right spots. With campaigns such as Westpac's Know Me, customers feel like they have been listened to and their needs are actually been addressed rather than being simply ‘sold to'.

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