What’s the future of loyalty cards? Here are some suggestions

In Loyalty & CRM, Technology by Simon Crompton-Reid

MB900441340Is your wallet so full because you have 101 loyalty cards spilling out? And when the time actually comes to use that card, it's the one card missing?

For some, including me, loyalty cards have become more of a burden than a privilege. However physical loyalty cards are on their way out. Many retailers store customer data, so customers can simply quote their name and phone number and the business will find that customer and apply any points or rewards that way.

I think the future of loyalty cards will actually be mobile. Loyalty cards will be stored in a smart phone's wallet and the customer simply scans up against a barcode to register their purchase and reap the loyalty benefits. Three Bean cafes have already jumped on the bandwagon. Customers can scan a barcode when purchasing their coffee every morning instead of getting out a physical card.

What are your thoughts on the future of loyalty cards? Are you loyal to the physical card or do you think the future is mobile?