How to increase your ROI: Measuring CRM Initiatives (Part 2) – Mobile CRM Vs Social CRM

In Loyalty & CRM, Social media by michelleg

In this 2 parts series that evaluates Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives, we touch on discerning the best form of CRM initiative for you to engage in.

loyalty, customer loyalty, social media, engagement strategy, mobile, CRM Have you ever wondered if mobile CRM or social CRM yields a higher ROI?

For those new to CRM, a socially-driven CRM strategy focuses on enhancing brand awareness, marketing and customer service. On the other hand, mobile CRM directly drive sales as customers visits a brand's mobile-optimized website or mobile app when some degree of interest is already present. Gartner analysts reckoned that sales conversion rates are therefore higher and faster as compared to browsing online via the PC. Further, Gartner's research has recognized mobile as the number two CIO priority in 2012. loyalty, customer loyalty, social media, engagement strategy, mobile, CRM

Embracing the opportunities present in mobile CRM is especially crucial in Asia given the high penetration  of smart phones in developed and developing countries. Just take a look around you in the shopping malls and you can observe the masses clicking away on their iPhones, HTCs, Blackberry and so on.

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