Big Data in India

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Excerpt of an Interview with Mitesh Agarwal, CTO and Director – Systems Solution Consulting, Oracle India.

In an interview between CIOL and Mitesh, Mitesh reckons that India is currently in the early stage of adopting Big Data. Industries are interested and keen to learn more about the adoption of Big Data. To put it simply, India is currently in the education mode.

With the numerous interpretations of Big Data given that it is a relatively new concept and area of technology, CIOs and CEOs are still grappling and trying to establish an understanding. It is only with better comprehension will adoption rates rise. This could possibly be happening very soon in the next 12 months.

Early adopters could be anybody who has the propensity to have consumer-interfaces, where service is important or simply anyone who has large and complex data sets to work with.

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