How to become a ‘socially devoted’ business

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Do you want to improve customer satisfaction and reach more people through social media? Then you need to aim for the standards set by a new breed of ‘socially devoted' companies, according to a study by Socialbakers.

It has looked at companies and defined the attributes that make their social media strategy so successful.

Top of its list of the ten most socially devoted companies is the South America mobile operator called Personal Argentina. It has an average response time to a social media enquiry of just four minutes, responding to 14,306 enquiries – just under 90% of the questions asked.

Socialbakers says that companies such as Personal Argentina, and others in its top ten including KLM, should serve as role models to other businesses on how to do social media.

Its chief executive Jan Rezab said: “Socially Devoted companies communicate openly, actively respond to fans and make sure customers receive a quick answer to feedback or questions. Socially Devoted companies set a new global standard that other businesses can adopt to improve their social media marketing strategy.”

The study also found:

  • On average companies only respond to 30% of social media fans’ feedback
  • Local companies tend to have higher social media response rates than their global counterparts, with 40% responding to customer queries
  • More than one in four global companies have a closed wall on Facebook, so users can’t post questions or feedback
  • U.S.-based companies tend to perform less effectively on social media channels than their regional peers

The study looked at Facebook performance.

What do you think are the new standards businesses must set in their social media strategy?

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