Are companies confusing CRM with direct mail/email marketing?

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Here's a question a member of our Linkedin group posed this week: Are companies confusing CRM with direct mail/email marketing? Surely they should be looking at the total customer journey at every touch point to really show they understand and love their customers?

And here are some of the best answers:

"Many (most?) companies still put accent on new business acquisition and look to short term results to justify investment rather than looking at potential lifetime value of customers and developing strategies to realise that potential."

"Absolutely, I believe many see direct mail and email marketing just as a way to reduce mass media spend and join the digital revolution without stepping back and looking at the whole picture of the customer journey, key moments of truth and the power of relevancy marketing. This is also a feature of the use of many Loyalty programmes where companies believe it is for a customer to show their Loyalty to a brand for a reward rather than a tool for the company to show their understanding and Loyalty to a customer.
The key question should be how can we evolve our CRM to become a tool for the whole business, not just marketers and enable the business to become more customer centric!"

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