Who are the leaders in social business intelligence?

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Everyday single day you contribute to the quintillions of bytes of data that are created. Probably without even realising it. The amount of data collected these days is so vast that around 90% data that exists in the world today was collected over the last 2 years alone. And with the use of social media sites at an all time high, information shared on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is a huge contributor. This data can then be compiled and analysed to significantly improve a company's ROI by delivering more efficient and focused marketing campaigns.

The campaigns behind the collection of this big data are varied in terms of the social mediums they use and the data which is collected from them, but one thing that cannot be disputed is that in this day and age, they work.

Remember Isaiah Mustafa? no. Ok, remember ‘The man your man could smell like' from the Old Spice adverts? Of course you do. Old Spice were losing out to new body wash brands on the market, and most significantly, to female brands. In households where couples were co-habiting, men were simply using their partners shower gel rather than purchasing their own. So Old Spice needed to create a campaign to get couples taking about shower gel. When they put together this series of adverts they could never have predicted the success it would have and the social media following that would ensue. the YouTube responses increased web traffic by 300% and Old Spice became the #1 all time most viewed branded channel on YouTube, which contributed significantly to a 106% year/year sale increase for that month.

Last year Virgin America teamed up with Stand Up to Cancer and launched a flash sale with fares starting from as low as $49 that were exclusively available on Twitter. $5 of each sale went to the charity, and that day Virgin experienced one of its top 5 sales days ever for the airline.

Dachis Group have created an index which uses real time data analysis which ranks the world's most important businesses according to their social activity and performance.

The current top 10 performing companies with regard to social business intelligence are –

1. National Amusements Inc. (Viacom)

2. The Walt Disney Company

3. News Corporation

4. Zynga

5. NBC Universal Inc.

6. Google

7. Nike

8. National Basketball Associaton

9. Time Warner

10. The Proctor and Gamble Company

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What are the latest social media campaigns that have engaged you?