To social media or not…that is the question

In Customer Experience, Social media by Simon Crompton-Reid

MB900446463I was reading an interesting blog this week by Naomi Simpson the founder of RedBalloon and when I first read the title "Face it- social media is not the answer to customer engagement", I thought she must be mad! But then I read on and realised she was making some very good points. She was saying you have to consider who you are as a business and what are your goals. There is no point opening up twitter accounts, facebook pages and pinterest if they have nothing to do with you as a brand and a business. Also another crucial point to consider is your consumer, where do they fit into the social media revolution. If your target audience are retirees, I don't think social media is going to be effective. So what Naomi was really pointing out is you have to be smart with social media. Yes facebook has launched entire businesses but pumping information out into the web without direction really isn't going to be doing your business any favours. You need to think about your social media strategy, Noami says "Consider what social media success looks like to you – and who might be interested? Why does your business need social media? Why does your business want social media? Are you simply trying to keep up with the “Joneses”, or is there a clear business opportunity and benefit to be had by building better relationships? And, arguably most importantly, how will social media extend the conversation and make the customer experience better?" I think this last point is definitely the best reason why a business should get involved in social media. If a business thinks they can provide a two way communication platform for their customers where they can listen and improve their customer's experience, then it will be one of the best things they can do. What do you think about social media's capability to provide a method in which to improve a customer's experience?


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