Data Analytics is not just for data scientists, it is for you too!

In Data & Analytics by Vaughn Highfield


Most people cannot imagine crunching through millions of data files, figures and words to make sense of an issue. This is often a task left solely to the data scientists and analysts, people who are trained in business intelligence.

QlikView contends this notion by presenting two case studies of organizations that are not typically associated with business intelligence. Yet, with the right tools, organizations are able to make sense of data and information within minutes.

Case Study 1: To catch a killer

Since 2001, the Skane police have used the Business Discovery platform to compile and present crime statistics, display data with unprecedented depth and clarity and optimize force deployment and administrative efficiency. Without a programme or system to sieve through the information, it is estimated to take at least 3 months for 3 full-time investigators to aggregate all individual eyewitness tops and police reports. By using Business Discovery platform, the job was done in 3 minutes by 1 analyst. This led to the eventual arrest of a sniper in 2010, who was charged with one count of murder and nine counts of attempted murder.

Case Study 2: To protect the health of at-risk children

Sibley Heart Center Cardiology division of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta faced the risk of closure with the predominance of government-subsidized insurance, which pays much less than private insurance, hence affecting the clinic's bottom line. With the use of Business Discovery platform to build a revenue application, analysts and doctors were able to see how financial performance changes based on different factors such as patient lifecycle. Armed with this information, Sibley can subsidize clinics that are losing money by altering other revenue streams in the network. This helped Sibley to keep their clinics open in the changing business environment.

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