Easy steps to building loyal customers

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(Adapted from Customer Loyalty Brings Long-Term Sales)

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Building customer loyalty has been the forefront of many businesses in the growing competitive market where hundreds of companies jostle for customers. By establishing a strong rapport and relationship with customers, businesses can keep bringing them back for more.

While every business come up with unique strategies to attract and retain customers, here are a number of tips that are simple and yet first to be overlooked when building a successful loyalty programme.

1. Maintain service standards in spite of offering customer savings

Often times, businesses overlook other major customer-pleasing enhancements, such as efficient and friendly customer service, when offering discounts and savings. To build long lasting customer loyalty, customers expect satisfaction in quality and experience.

2. Establish two way communication with customers

Look towards building interactivity into websites with customer generated content, online customer service etc. By hearing your customers' voices, endless opportunities and ideas may be generated to revitalize the company.

3. Stay away from spam and junk emails

Spam and junk e-mails top the list of what customers dislike the most about loyalty and reward programme memberships. Other turnoffs include programmes that have too many conditions and restrictions, and rewards that lack real value.

4. Customize your offerings

To really attract the right attention from customers, give them what they really want instead of spam. Customers look for more discounts and savings that are relevant to their needs. By studying their buying patterns, you can create meaningful relationships that are valued.

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