What are the emerging roles in the loyalty sector?

In Loyalty & CRM by emily

What will the job titles of loyalty professionals be in a couple of years’ time? Should companies consider a Chief Loyalty Officer instead of a Chief Marketing Officer?

And what about the customer experience in general? Should customer service and experience be under the realm of a Customer Director sitting on the board?

With the role of big data and analytics, how far are Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Information Officer roles converging?

Here's an interesting debate on the Customer Love Linkedin group about whether companies need to have a Customer Director at board level. As one participant says: "I’d like to see the CMO being the ‘protector’ of the consumer at board level and therefore be the one to drive the customer proposition, unless you return marketing to pure sales and brand."

In this extract from an article in Chief Marketer about a paper from SAS and Loyalty 360 on the correlation between analytics and loyalty programme success, it says: "Top-performing organizations, at least from a retention standpoint, are those in which the chief marketing officer is, even if only unofficially, transitioning from the CMO role to a chief loyalty officer role. SAS’s paper advocates “planting the seeds of loyalty earlier in the buy cycle” – and by earlier it means starting to apply analytics when prospects are still in the purchase-consideration stage."

What do you think? How is the evolving sector shaping the job roles of tomorrow?

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