Are companies confusing CRM with direct mail / email marketing? Update

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If you're a member of our Linkedin group you'll know that the topic of CRM in relation to direct mail and email marketing has been hotly debated for a couple of weeks now. Here are some of the latest comments:

"I don’t think it matter what we choose to call it, they are all sub-components of being Customer Focused. Over 30 years in this game, we’ve had mass marketing, direct marketing, direct response, loyalty, database marketing, CRM, CVM, CEM and probably another 20 on top. What is key is that companies focus on the customer and their relationship with the brand, not the brand’s relationship with the customer. Get that right, put customer servicing as a priority, and treat direct comms as just another service, and we’re on our way to improved customer experience, loyalty, sales and referrals. I’ve often used the internal brand proposition “everything we do leads to a referral” – as this is indeed the ultimate form of loyalty."

"I believe companies become more and more professional in the approach but there is still a long way to go. CRM is about building a relationship with your customer through dedicated, meaningful and relevant communication with the customer : a personalised approach, respecting the customer profile, needs etc. Too often people receive direct communication which is not meeting these requirements, therefore the real objective of CRM is not met. Going ahead, I believe if companies connect their customer database more with social media, there is a real opportunity to practice a true and meaningful CRM process."

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