Facebook fights back with enhanced features

In Social media by Krista


Facebook Pages has been the subject of intense scrutiny lately, with much speculation (albeit minimal resolution) around the ROI of "likes". Add to the mix a number of high-profile brands such as General Motors pulling their advertising money away from Facebook in lieu of more tried-and-true approaches, and the aftermath of disappointing IPO, and you've got the recipe for plummeting share prices since Facebook's initial sky-high valuation.

This tumult has resulted in Facebook scrambling to innovate in an attempt to compete on a more equal footing with consummate digital advertising champion Google.

In spite of these recent impediments, Facebook is nonetheless a phoenix that continually innovates and has proven its resilience. Its newly revamped Facebook Pages features are likely to please brand administrators by offering greater control and segmentation. Admins will now be able to integrate scheduling (a common feature among bloggers and third-party applications users, but one which has heretofore eluded Facebookers), unpublished page posts (clearly, the feature most vehemently targeted toward sponsors) and specific permissions for third-party apps.

Advertisers and administrators will likely find these new features amenable, with more targeted marketing and greater control now an option. But how will Facebook users react, specifically to the revised third-party app permissions? What effects will these features have on customer experience and engagement? Weigh in below.