Top 4 ways to bridge the gap between you and your customer

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Bridge the Gap: While it's true that many brands are currently using loyalty and rewards schemes to gain new customers, how many are actually succeeding?  Are they generating consumers or fostering long-term relationships?  These top tips below should help you get closer to maintaining a long-term relationship with your customer.  If you have any to add, feel free to comment below.


  • Communication is key:  Make sure your customer is clear on why they've been given a reward and what value it holds to them. By taking a few moments out in the beginning to explain the loyalty programme and how it can best work to their advantage, you will have already created a lasting impression on an otherwise uninformed consumer.


  • Integrity » trust » relationship:   Integrity involves fundamental behaviors like being honest and providing a consistent level of service. If your business can demonstrate a high level of integrity, then you will be seen as being trustworthy.  By not using every opportunity to sell or share your message, you are gaining your customers trust.  All of this adds up to doing business with integrity. Without integrity, there is no trust, and without trust, there is no enduring relationship.


  • Keep it simple:  Don't overcomplicate the rewards programme, or people will be less likely to fully engage with it. Presenting consistent offers which deliver the greatest level of flexibility and are not limited in number or by time period helps to engage customers with the brand and establish a long-term relationship.


  • Show your personality: When customers choose to interact with a person at your company, they want the transaction to be human. For example, create emails and newsletters with an actual email address and not a "Please-do-not-reply-to-this address" message.  This will help break down the wall between your customer and your business, while at the same time creating a personality for your brand.


Do you have any to add?  Share your thoughts below.

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