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Despite the data explosion in organizations, much focus has been placed on limited aspects of the global data culture, such as the latest financial product innovation or data-mining algorithms for consumer behaviour. In reality, everyone and anyone can benefit from data when armed with the right tools. Qlikview shows you how through case studies of insights obtained through data from the fishing industry and in the arena of clean water supply research. These case studies simply show that it does not take one to be a data scientist to embrace Big Data.


Case Study 1: Benefits of Data to the Fishing Industry

A fisherman's daily catch is never a certainty and is a careful balance of changing conditions such as biomass, weather, market price and warehouse inventory levels. In order to obtain the best market price, even the time of laborers at port and onboard to determine which fish should be caught when and where and to which port they should be taken must be considered.

While this might seem like an awful load of information to consider in a seemingly straightforward task of obtaining a large haul, it is now made possible with Business Discovery by Qlikview. Fishers can now:

· Pinpoint the best fishing zones for the fleet by analyzing the catch of the previous day in each zone

· Maintain quality control and maximize return on the fishmeal stock by ejecting the portion of the catch likely to be rejected by a processing plant

· Keep a close eye on the running cost of an expedition by monitoring time spent, inventory levels and fuel expenditures

Just to name a few.

Case Study 2: Benefits of Data for Saving the Environment

Circle of Blue is an international network of concerned journalists and scientists who report on the Earth's diminishing clean water supply. By adopting Business Discovery, more insights on the relationship between climate change, human population, industry, policy, and water can now be viewed with greater clarity.

The adoption of Business Discovery has enabled 2 survey findings to be presented in an interactive manner that raised greater awareness of crucial environmental issues.

(Download the full white paper here)

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